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Zika virus infection detected in Maharashtra, amid alarm Union Health Ministry issues advisory


India's Union Health Ministry issue

India's Union Health Ministry issues advisory to states in view of Zika virus cases from Maharashtra.

The States, in the advisory issued, have been urged to maintain a state of constant vigil through screening of pregnant women for Zika virus infection and monitoring the growth of foetus of expecting mothers who tested positive for Zika.

"Health facilities/hospitals to identify a nodal officer to monitor and act to keep the premises Aedes mosquito-free. States to strengthen entomological surveillance and intensify vector control activities in residential areas, workplaces, schools, construction sites, institutions and health facilities", reads the advisory.

Zika virus outbreak hits Pune, leaving pregnant women at heightened risk.The health authorities are taking immediate action to monitor the situation and prevent further spread. The confirmation of seven Zika virus cases in the city has set off concerns among leading virologists.