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”…you’re not answering the question…”, says woman journalist to Canadian FM, on ties with India

A video clip is doing round on Indian social media where a woman journalist is heard asking the Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly on what evidence they have shared with the Indian government with respect to killing of Canadian Khalistani Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

But what many on Indian social media are finding baffling is that the Canadian FM does not appear direct in her reply and tries to evade to which the journalist interestingly points out that ”you’re not answering the question directly….” and this embarrasses the Canadian foreign minister.

Meanwhile Canada has confirmed that it has pulled out its 41 diplomats from India after the South Asian country threatened to revoke their diplomatic immunity if they don’t leave the country.

Canada Foreign Minister fumbles and tries to evade the question on what evidence, if any, has been shared with the Indian government to base the allegation that it was Indian government agents who may have been behind the killing of Khalistani Nijjar in Surrey.

India has since the outbreak of diplomatic hostility stopped issuing visas to the Canadian nationals and also asked for the excess Canadian diplomats to pull out from India to maintain parity in diplomatic presence in the two countries.