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War of words breaks out, after AAP leader taunted rival political parties

War of words has broken out after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal made a controversial statement while he was in Rohtak of Haryana.

He said, “I can say this with challenge that Congress and BJP are smaller organisations than the AAP. They are not even the 10th part the size of the Aam Aadmi Party… An organisation is formed when people have hopes from that organisation… If the Congress or the BJP would go to any village and ask people to join them, no one would come forward. But when an AAP worker goes to a village and asks people to join them, even the children in every house say that they want to join the AAP. Why? People have hope from the AAP.”

Now Congress leader has responded to this sudden claim by the AAP leader Kejriwal. Rajasthan Congress In Charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa told media, “He (Arvind Kejriwal) is a very big leader. First, he should answer the country on the liquor scam going on in Delhi. He should answer why his ministers and MPs are in jail… I am against the ED and the CBI, but they (AAP) also have something to answer… The Supreme Court said it, now what is remaining… Kejriwal is over-ambitious… His statements, fighting elections in every state, returning from there with a forfeited deposit and then saying that they are a national party, this is because he likes to stay on social media very much…”.

This war of words comes at a time when Congress has tried to stitch together a grand opposition alliance and made an effort to keep AAP within the fold. But now it seems, the political parties cannot hold their ambition of organizational expansion any longer.