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Israel Hamas

”Verge of abyss in Middle East”, United Nations intervenes in raging Israel Hamas war

Realizing that we are on verge of abyss in the Middle East, the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has made two humanitarian appeals. While he has insisted that Hamas must release hostages immediately and without conditions, he urged Israel to ensure that rapid and unimpeded access for humanitarian aid for civilians of Gaza must be granted.    Image

These appeals come at a time when the war is seen as expanding in scale and scope in the region. While Iran has threatened of consequences if Israel presses ahead in Gaza, the Jewish state is now preparing for ground assault of the area which is seen as Hamas stronghold.

While American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is touring the Middle East while reiterating total support for Israel, he has also met other Gulf state leaders to convince them to be on the side of America Israel combine and against terrorists, which could also threaten these other smaller Arab states.