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Unusual scene at a office, a monkey was spotted inspecting files, watch

It was indeed unusual to find amid dozens of men at a government office, a monkey seated on a chair and inspecting the files stashed on the table. The visuals have gone viral on the internet and for all the right reasons.

The visuals show that the monkey is not aggressive nor it is looking for food to eat, but instead it is quite content all occupied with inspection of files. For many minutes, the monkey is seen turning pages of the files that he could lay his hands on.

The multiple men around the monkey are not panicking but getting on with their routine but also enjoying having a monkey working by their side. The incident is said to be of tehsil Behat in Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh but it could not be confirmed.

Many have commented on the social media that the monkey is here on inspection of the government office and the officers have been taken by surprise. Some even commented that he must have been a government officer in the past life.

Some of the men tried to distract the monkey away from the files with the offer of banana but it failed initially.