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fire at Bengaluru private bus depot

Unpleasant fire broke in Private bus depot in Bengaluru: More than 4 buses caugth fire

Fire engulfs in Bengaluru private bus Depot:

A massive and unpleasant fire broke down at a private bus depot near Veerbhadra Nagar, Bengaluru. The flames  has been in control now and no injuries or causalities has been marked.

Fire  visuals at Bengaluru private bus depot.

The buses were parked near a garage where the fire started taking place. Fire official stated that atleast 4 buses has been totally damaged

10 fire engines were rushed to the spot to douse the flames and tackle the situation. No casualties or injuries have been reported so far.

The buses were parked in a depot. Huge fumes of smoke were seen emanating from the scene.

The reason behind this is yet to be determined and no casualties has been reported