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Television anchor
Television anchor

Television anchor shocked and at loss of words, hearing comment on her saree, from foreign guest, watch

A viral video clip shared by a prominent television anchor Shreya Dhoundhial when she was trying to interview an Israeli official, has triggered debate.

The television anchor was wearing a saree that was green in colour with red border coupled with black coloured blouse. For some reason, the Israeli official participating in the debate thought that the anchor is biased towards Palestine and is using the infront of camera occasion to show support to Gaza or Palestine.

He mentions it in as many words which leaves the woman anchor shocked and at loss of words. The Israeli official says that no matter who supports whom, the ”blue and white” (representing Israel)  will prevail.

But then the anchor replies saying that this saree belongs to her grandmother and if she were alive would have been aged over 100. She also said that the grandmother obviously knew nothing about Israel Hamas war to have chosen such an outfit and passed onto her coming generations.

She clarified that this is not to show support to any side even if it might seem so to the Israeli official. But he again insists that the anchor should save it for some other occasion.

It is here that the television anchor puts her foot down saying that she wont let anyone else decide what and when she will wear.

It need be mentioned that Israel is now planning a ground invasion of the Gaza after it came under one of the severest attacks from Hamas operatives on Oct 7 that left over thousand dead and many taken hostage.