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‘…spoke about India and….the rule of law…’, Canadian Prime Minister’s latest provocation

As India insisted that Canada downsize the number of diplomats, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has provoked the South Asian country once again.

In his X post, Trudeau mentions that he got to have telephonic talks with Mohamed Bin Zayed, the President of United Arab Emirates, where he discussed about the situation in Israel but also the need to protect civilian life.

”….We also spoke about India and the importance of upholding – and respecting – the rule of law…’, he added to his X post which implies that the topic of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar came up in the talks and Trudeau obviously putforth his version of what happened.

It need be mentioned that though Canadian Prime Minister has been raking this issue up without any credible evidence to show, the Canadian allies have so far not shown any interest beyond lip service and expressing solidarity.

Trudeau hopes to garner support of Khalistanis, who are keen to expand their influence in the North American country, in the upcoming election and look forward to win yet another term in office.