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Raghav Chadha
Raghav Chadha

”…seek unconditional apology…”, what top court tells Raghav Chadha

India’s Supreme Court has suggested AAP leader Raghav Chadha to meet the Rajya Sabha Chairperson and seek unconditional apology, in view of his suspension from the House.

The top court recorded the statements of Chadha’s lawyer that the MP has no intention to affect the dignity of the House of which he is a member and he will seek an appointment with Rajya Sabha Chairperson so that he may place an unconditional apology.

The Court says the apology may be considered sympathetically by the Chairperson in the background of facts and circumstances of the House.

Supreme Court was hearing the case concerning continuing suspension of Member of Parliament (MP) Raghav Chadha from Rajya Sabha.