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Rishi Sunak concedes election to Labour, congratulates Keir Starmer, takes responsibility for loss of Conservatives


United Kingdom Prime M

United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak concedes the general election to Keir Starmer and his Labour Party. PM Rishi Sunak holds his seat in Richmond and Northallerton but says he takes responsibility for Conservatives losing the election. 'We did it!' said jubilant Keir Starmer and asserted 'change begins now' after shellshocked Rishi Sunak admitted he has lost election and is 'sorry' for extraordinary Tory bloodbath which saw more than a dozen ministers ousted. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, "...The Labour Party has won this general election and I have called Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory. Today, power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner, with goodwill on all sides...I take responsibility for the loss to the many good, hard-working, conservative candidates who lost tonight despite their tireless efforts, their local records of delivery and their dedication to their communities, I am sorry. I will now head down to London, where I will say more about tonight's result before I leave the job of Prime Minister, to which I have given my all...".