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‘…respect for each others concerns…’, PM Modi’s veiled response to Canadian leader

It was on June 6 itself that it had become clear that PM Modi is yet again forming a government even if the BJP could not secure the majority mark of 272 in Indian Parliament.

Among the world leaders who congratulated PM Modi on yet another five year term, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted on X to say,  “Congratulations to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his electoral victory. Canada stands ready to work with his government to advance the relationship between our nations’ peoples—anchored to human rights, diversity, and the rule of law.”.

This post itself was indicative that India Canada ties are to remain strained and that PM Justin Trudeau would continue to pander to anti India forces.

But now that Narendra Modi has formally taken oath as Prime Minister, he has responded to the Canadian PM’s ‘congratulatory’ message of June 6.

PM Modi posted on X to say, “Thank you Canadian PM for the congratulatory message. India looks forward to working with Canada based on mutual understanding and respect for each others concerns.

The need for mentioning ‘respect for each others concerns’ shows that rising Khalistani extremism in Canada continues to worry India.