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'...private security and 'Sevadar' pushed some people..', SDM letter to District Magistrate, on Hathras stampede


In Hathras Stampede accident, the S

In Hathras Stampede accident, the Sikandra Rao SDM wrote to Hathras District Magistrate saying, "Narayan Hari Sarkar reached the venue at 12.30 and the event went on for an hour. When the baba left the venue, people started rushing towards him to seek his blessings. A large no. of people were already standing on the divider at the GT road and started running towards Baba. To prevent the crowd from reaching Baba, his private security and 'Sevadar' pushed some people and they fell down. The crowd went out of control and panicked. To get relief from this, people rushed towards the open field nearby where multiple people slipped on a slope and the people started running over them."

A Public Interest Litigation has been filed in country's top court seeking appointment of expert panel to probe Hathras Stampede which claimed 121 lives. thus far.