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Prime Minister Modi
Prime Minister Modi

Poll bound Chhattisgarh, ”….huge cache of currency notes was found…”, says Prime Minister Modi in Durg, announces extension of free foodgrain scheme for five years

In Durg of poll bound Chhattisgarh, the Prime Minister Modi claimed to gathering saying, “Congress party’s Chhattisgarh Govt is leaving no opportunity to loot you. They did not leave even the name of ‘Mahadev.’ Two days back, a big operation took place in Raipur. Huge cache of currency notes was found. People say that the money belongs to gamblers and the placing bets…Congress leaders are filling their houses with this loot money. State Govt should tell the people of Chhattisgarh what links they have with the people sitting in Dubai, who are accused of this scam. After the money was seized, the CM is baffled and has come to the ground. I have heard that local leaders are sending us a message that money will be planted on our leaders and Police will be sent…”

He added that Congress abuses Modi day and night. “But the CM has now started abusing the country’s investigation agencies too. But I would like to tell the people of Chhattisgarh that Modi is not scared of abuses. You sent Modi to Delhi to deal with the corrupt.”, he said.

PM Modi promised before the gathering, “action will indeed be taken against those who looted Chhattisgarh. Account for every penny will be taken from them. Chhattisgarh’s corrupt government has broken your trust with one scam after the other…I assure you once again, after BJP Government is formed in the state, such scams will be strictly investigated and those who looted you will be sent to jail.”

He also promised on the occasion, “Centre govt to extend free grains disbursal under PMGKY for five years for over 80 crore beneficiaries”.