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Poll bound Chhattisgarh, Congress announcement of candidates likely on Oct 15, heres another viral list

With filing of nomination having begun for first phase voting in poll bound Chhattisgarh, the ruling party Congress has not been able to announce any of its candidates thus far.

While it is clear that very many such list of candidates have gone viral in the social media and the there is a view that this was essentially water testing to see the reaction of the hopefuls, party workers and supporters.

It is now learnt that the Congress list of candidates for first phase seats may be announced by Oct 15 itself. While the Congress leaders are saying that the list would be issued in ‘Navratra’, an auspicious nine day period when divinity is worshipped in feminine form, there is a belief that the hopefuls who might not find their names on the list would have very little time to react.

Congress leaders have been hinting that all of Ministers, prominent MLAs and party office bearers will figure in the list of candidates.

Chhattisgarh is to see two phase voting with first on Nov 7 for Bastar and handful of other seats. Meanwhile, in another of the viral list going about in social media, the following names have figured.

Gulab Kamro (Bharatpur Sonhat)

Paras Nath Rajwade (Bhatgaon)

Sidar (Lailunga)

Padma Manhar (Sarangarh)

Laljeet Rathiya (Dharamjaigarh)

Jitendra (Rajnandgaon)

Devdatt Nayak (Dharseeva)

Devendra Bahadur (Basna)

Nirmal Kosre (Ahiwara)

Kunwar Singh Nishad (Gunderdehi)

Neelam Chandrakar (Kurud)

Pappu Baghel (Pamgarh)

Dhanendra Sahu (Abhanpur)

Chouleshwar  Chandrakar (Jaijaipur)

Nand Kumar Sai (Pathhalgaon)

Chintamani Maharaj (Saamri)

Dr Preetam Raj (Lundra)

Pradeep Shukla (Beltara)

Tulsi Sahu (Vaishali Nagar)

Shruti Yadav/ Devenra Yadav (Bhilai Nagar)