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Poll bound Chhattisgarh, AAP annouces poll campaign committee, to propagate party’s guarantee card

Amid speculations that Election Commission of India could announce poll schedule for five states including Chhattisgarh, the Aam Aadmi Party has announced its poll campaign committee with state Vice President Gopal Sahu as chief.

The committee also has other prominent AAP leaders including Aakasha Singh, Sooraj Upadhyay, Vijay Gurubakshani, Manoj Dubey, Ghanshyam Chandrakar, Rajendra Ekka, Daduram Manhar and Arun Nayar but also Priyanka Shukla.

The AAP Chhattisgarh, despite being part of grand opposition alliance with Congress, has vowed to contest on all 90 legislative seats and so far has announced candidates on 22 of them.

The party poll campaign committee would essentially take the AAP guarantee card to the masses that was announced by AAP leader and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.