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Poison given to family of six, one committed suicide, what police in Surat revealed

Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Kumar Tomar confirmed that a person named Manish Kanubhai Solanki gave poison to his whole family, and then died by suicide.

“Yesterday, as we got to know, police immediately reached the house. All the bodies are taken for a postmortem. The forensic team was called immediately. We don’t see any possibility of foul play. Manish had left a suicide note in which he did not mention the reason for suicide…After checking the phone, we will know how the family took this step…A special investigation team has been formed…The house was locked from inside, so there was no foul. The reason for the death of the rest of the six members is due to the consumption of poison…”, he said.

There are unconfirmed reports that Manish Kanubhai was facing financial problems as the money that he had loaned were not coming back despite him chasing the borrowers.