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PM Modi

People of India stand firmly with Israel……, says PM Modi after phone call with Israeli premiere Netanyahu





As Israel is relentlessly taking out Hamas targets in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also dialing the world leaders to update them on the prevalent situation and seeking their support in time of crisis.

Now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has posted on platform X to thank Premiere Netanyahu for his phone call and providing an update on the ongoing situation.

“….People of India stand firmly with Israel in this difficult hour. India strongly and unequivocally condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations….”, he added.

It was this Saturday that Hamas operatives first fired thousands of rockets into Israel and then sent in terrorists to take out civilians or take them hostage.

Indian leadership has been clear in calling out the Hamas operatives as terrorists and not any other milder term. It need be mentioned that under PM Modi’s watch, India Israel have come out of closet and is reaching new heights.