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”….payments have been stopped in name of investigation…”, contractors out in open with grievances against state govt

It appears that the government contractors in state of Karnataka are aggrieved but also feel neglected to the extent that they went public.

“We are not getting our payments from the State government. We have met the CM and Dy CM a few times and gave our appeal to them. However, the government is indifferent. The government should release at least 50 pc of the outstanding amount. After the formation of the new government, payments have been stopped in the name of investigation”, alleges the Karnataka States Contractors’ Association President, D Kempanna.

Responding to this allegation, the state government Deputy CM DK Shivakumar said, “we have released the money, but some investigations are still pending. The government is actively looking into the ongoing projects. We have disbursed the funds as per Kempanna’s previous statements. He can visit us if he wishes to discuss the matter further. We are committed to ensuring justice for the contractors. We have already released 65-70% of the funds, and we prioritize the timely disbursement of money.”