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”….our 9/11….time to obliterate terror infra…”, says Israel in UNSC

The raging war between Israel and Hamas ruled Gaza strip reached the United Nations on Sunday.

Speaking to the media in New York, Gilad Erdan, who is Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations said, “The past days have been devastating for each and every Israeli. Israel suffered an unprecedented attack and the number of casualties is catastrophic. Over the past two days following the Hamas’s attack on Israel, my country has suffered hundreds of fatalities. Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets into Israel…Hundreds of Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel and gunned down innocent Israeli civilians in the street murdering anything that moved on the street. These terrorists broke into homes and shot people point blank as if they were stomping on insects…These are war crimes, blatant documented war crimes…”

While there was condemnation in the United Nations Security Council about the attacks mounted on the Israeli territory and civilians by Hamas, the politics and tension with Russia appeared to crop up here too.

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, meanwhile termed the Saturday attacks as equivalent to Israeli 9/11 and vowed on behalf of his government to obliterate the terror infrastructure of the Hamas and others.

This comes at a time when Israeli jets are pounding Gaza with the claim that they are targeting Hamas hideouts, and there is now a possibility of ground invasion there too.

Meanwhile, US has moved its naval assets close to Israel to ensure that no one dares attack the Jewish state while the retaliation is ongoing.