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MP Cabinet Expansion, Ramniwas Rawat inducted as Minister, took oath twice


In a curious turn of events during an oath-taking ceremony in Madhya Pradesh, BJP

In a curious turn of events during an oath-taking ceremony in Madhya Pradesh, BJP leader Ramniwas Rawat found himself sworn in twice within a span of just fifteen minutes due to a misreading of his oath. Initially scheduled to be inducted as a Cabinet Minister, Rawat inadvertently recited the oath meant for a Minister of State (MoS), referring to himself as "Rajya Mantri" instead of the correct "Rajya Ke Mantri," which denotes a cabinet minister.

The ceremony, witnessed by Chief Minister Mohan Yadav and other dignitaries, quickly corrected the error, prompting Rawat to retake the oath to assume his intended role as a cabinet minister. The unusual sequence not only highlighted procedural confusion but also drew attention to Rawat's unique political status — he remains a sitting Congress MLA despite his recent switch to the BJP.

Rawat's induction into the BJP cabinet marks a significant shift in his political allegiance, having previously held prominent roles within the Congress, including that of Working President for the party's state unit and MLA for the Vijaypur Assembly constituency. This dual membership, coupled with the double oath-taking incident, has sparked discussions on the intricacies of political defections and the protocols surrounding ministerial appointments.

Despite the administrative hiccup, Rawat expressed gratitude towards the BJP for the ministerial opportunity. His dual role as both a MoS and cabinet minister underscores the unconventional nature of his political journey and raises questions about the procedural oversight during his induction. Nevertheless, with his formal inclusion into Chief Minister Yadav's cabinet, Rawat now navigates a unique position in Madhya Pradesh's political landscape, bridging his past affiliations with newfound responsibilities under a different party banner.