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”…most of them have returned….situation is better now..”, says state’s top cop, watch here

Amid rising concerns over rebel groups intensifying and expanding war against Myanmar junta forces leading to many of the rurals fleeing into Indian territory for their life, the authorities in the country are keeping a close eye.

Speaking to media, the Mizoram DGP Anil Shukla said, “Last week, there was a major fight between the rebel forces and military Junta in Myanmar leading to overrun of some of the camps of Myanmar army by rebels. Because of the fight, a large number of villagers of the Kawmoi village next to Zokhawthar had crossed over into India temporarily. Two major camps were overrun and because of that around 75 Myanmar army personnel entered Mizoram. We rescued them and also handed over them to our border guarding force of Assam Rifles. They have been taken back to Myanmar”.

“Most of them have returned who had come last week. Some of them are still there because of the lurking fear in their villages but the situation is much better now”, he added.

India maintains working relationship with Myanmar military junta and is pressing for democracy to be restored in the country for stability purposes.