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”…morale of anti-social forces is high…”, how PM Modi slammed ruling Congress in poll bound Rajasthan

In poll bound Rajasthan’s Anta, Prime Minister Modi told a public gathering how Chhabra riots accused walks on the red carpet at the CM’s official residence.

“Besides rioters, Congress ministers also stand strongly with those who commit crimes against women. In the last 5 years, incidents of rape have increased in Rajasthan. Here, ministers close to the CM stand in the Assembly House and protect to these criminals. When the daughters of Rajasthan were asking the state govt for security, the state govt was telling them to not level false allegations. Congress people don’t have the time to look at the tears of the daughters…”, he said.

PM Narendra Modi further added, “With Congress’ support, the morale of anti-social forces is high. People in Rajasthan are being beheaded publically and this is being celebrated. The entire country saw what happened with Dalit youths in Jhalawar. Ram Navami, Holi, Hanuman Jayanti fell victim to riots in Rajasthan which was known for festivals…”