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Azam Khan
Azam Khan

”…might be killed in a fake encounter..”, says Azam Khan while he is shifted out of Rampur prison

Former Parliamentarian and Samajwadi Party leader, Azam Khan clearly has fear for his life. He announced to the media that there might be attempt on his life while being shifted to Sitapur jail from Rampur prison facility.

It need be mentioned that Azam Khan and son Abdulla Azam were taken from Rampur prison tto different jails this morning. After holding some discussions with the prison authorities, he suddenly announced to the media that he might be killed in a police encounter.

Authorities have yet to confirm but son Abdulla Azam might be shifted to Hardoi jail. Azam Khan’s wife Tanzeen Fatima is most likely to remain in Rampur prison itself. The  three have been convicted in a fake birth certificate case to seven years in prison.