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loitering munitions
loitering munitions

Live demonstration of loitering munitions, during Commanders Conference

In an age of high geopolitical tension, conflicts breaking out and also sustaining itself, India does not want to be left behind. Thus drones, loitering munitions and surveillance equipments are the ones that the country is focusing on developing in large numbers but also in varieties.

In the latest such development, the loitering munition, Nagastra 1, that was developed indigenously by Economic Explosives Limited, was live demonstrated at the Infantry Commanders’ Conference.

It is learnt that the munition Nagastra 1 has been ordered by the Indian Army. The munition is known to have ability to carry a 1 kg warhead up to a range of 15 km.

“During the display this newly developed Loiter Munition was launched towards a predefined trajectory it went into a kamikaze mode to destroy the target. Nagastra 1( F&F) hit the target”, the defence officials confirmed.