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Keen to get Hamas banned in India, Israel bans Pakistani terror group Lashkar e Tayyiba

In a significant move, Israel has gone ahead and banned Pakistani Islamist terror organisation Lashkar e Tayyiba ahead of 15th anniversary of Mumbai 26/11 attacks. More than 300 innocents were killed in 26/11 attacks including Israeli and American nationals. It need be mentioned that Israel is keen for India to ban Hamas under UAPA.
The Embassy of Israel in India says, “To symbolize the marking of the 15th year of commemoration of the Mumbai terror attacks, the state of Israel has listed Lashkar -e- Taiba as a Terror Organization. Despite not being requested by the Government of India to do so, the state of Israel has formally completed all necessary procedures and has satisfied all required checks and regulations to the result of introducing Lashkar -e- Taiba into the Israeli list of illegal terror organizations.”