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Javed Akhtar compares own chance of becoming U.S. President, with that of Joe Biden


Amid rising global interest in the United States

 Amid rising global interest in the United States Presidential election this year, Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar has sort of taken potshot at incumbent Joe Biden. Akhtar writes on X to say, "I am a proud Indian citizen and till my last breath I will remain so but I have one common fact with Joe Biden . Both of us have exactly equal chance of becoming the next president of USA ."

This comes after Joe Biden insists on being Democratic candidate for the White House against Donald Trump of Republican party. Joe Biden's performance and his cognitive abilities have come into question after a recent debate with Donald Trump. Though Biden and his family are putting up brave face, there are speculations now that his deputy Kamala Harris might be introduced as Democratic party candidate but Joe Biden has to agree to quit the race first.

While there are many who would not prefer Donald Trump as President of United States, Biden's approach to offensive in Gaza has left many disenchanted with the Democratic administration.

Meanwhile, Biden's another video has gone viral where he is reiterating of defeating Donald Trump again in 2020.