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Jammu and Kashmir election preparations to commence soon, says CEC Rajiv Kumar

Ahead of Lok Sabha elections counting, CEC Rajiv Kumar convened a presser and confirmed, “postal ballot counting will start first. After only half an hour, we will start EVM counting. There is no doubt about it.” He also added,”…We failed to understand the fake narratives that were going on during the elections. But we have understood it now.”

CEC Rajiv Kumar also announced that ECI will very soon start the process of Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s allegations that Union Home Minister Amit Shah called DMs/ROs (Returning Officers), CEC Rajiv Kumar says, “…Can someone influence them (DMs/ROs) all? Tell us who did this. We will punish the person who did it…It is not right that you spread a rumour and doubt everyone.”
CEC Rajiv Kumar gives details about the counting process to be followed to declare the results of Lok Sabha elections on June 4, he says, “The entire counting process is absolutely robust. It works similar to the precision of a clock.”
“Election Commission made a record seizure record of almost Rs 10,000 crores during this election. This is nearly 3 times the value seized in 2019…Local teams were empowered to do their work,” says CEC Rajiv Kumar.
“This is one of the General Elections where we have not seen violence. This required two years of preparation,” says CEC Rajiv Kumar on Lok Sabha elections. Voter turnout in Jammu & Kashmir is highest in the last four decades in this Lok Sabha elections, says CEC Rajiv Kumar.
On Lok Sabha elections, CEC Rajiv Kumar says, “Due to the meticulous work of the election personnel we ensured fewer repolls – we saw 39 repolls in Lok Sabha polls 2024 as opposed to 540 in 2019 and 25 out of 39 repolls were in 2 States only.”
On Lok Sabha elections, CEC Rajiv Kumar says, “We have created a world record of 642 million voters. This is 1.5 times voters of all G7 countries and 2.5 times voters of 27 countries in EU.”