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Israel reacts to Iranian election outcome, insists on cancellation of nuclear program


Israel has reacted to the Iranian election outcome.

Israel has reacted to the Iranian election outcome. "The people of Iran have sent a clear message of demand for change and opposition to the Ayatollah regime through the elections. Now the world must designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization and demand the cancellation of the nuclear program and the cessation of support for terrorist organizations. This is the only chance to realize the change", stated Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz on X.

The Israelis were reacting to the news reports that Iran has elected a reformist, Masoud Pezeshkiyan, against a hardliner Saeed Jalili. It is widely believed that new Iranian President would look for opportunity to open talks with Western block and also loosen up on headscarf laws.

Israel feels highly threatened from Iran and its supporting outfits spread across the West Asia. It remains to be seen how the new President comes up with policies knowing too well that ultimate veto remains with the Iranian supreme leader Khamenei.

The new Iranian President took to X to post in Persian and said, "Dear people of Iran, the elections are over and this is just the beginning of our cooperation. The difficult path ahead will not be smooth except with your companionship, empathy and trust. I extend my hand to you and I swear on my honor that I will not leave you alone on this path. don't leave us alone".