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Israel ground operations ‘expands’ in Gaza, first visuals emerge, Jordan Minister fears ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

Multiple reports claim that Israel has finally begun its much awaited ground invasion into Gaza even as the Israeli Defence Forces has claimed that it has merely expanded its ground operations.

Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has confirmed that Israeli forces have indeed launched a ground war of Gaza and predicted that the outcome will be a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions for years to come.

The ground operations began in expanded mode after internet, cellular and other forms of communication in the strip got cut entirely. As Gaza is now completely in communications blackout, several aid organizations too have said they cannot reach their teams on ground.

Heavy airstrikes continued on the city aimed at degrading the military infra and capability of the Hamas terror outfit ahead of the ground operations that were expanded.

As America is keeping a close eye on the Israeli ground incursion, the raids have begun in the northern part of Gaza as the population has been asked to move south to remain out of harm’s way.

Israel has vowed to end Hamas after the terror outfit carried out deadly strikes inside Jewish state.