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Is India mediating ?? Day after talking to Israeli FM, Jaishankar dials Iranian counterpart

A day after he held telephonic talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, India’s EAM Dr S Jaishankar held consultations with Iranian counterpart where he insisted on preventing escalation of Israel Hamas war and ensuring humanitarian aid to Palestine.

It might be that India is in a mediator role for now having best of relations with both Israel and Iran. In his post on X platform, Dr Jaishankar wrote, “Discussed the grave situation in West Asia and the concern of the international community. Conveyed the importance of preventing escalation and providing humanitarian support. Agreed to stay in touch.”

It need be mentioned that armed outfits like Hezbollah and Houthis are said to be heavily under the influence of Iran.Thus India conveying to Iran that prevention of escalation is needed will surely help the situation in West Asia.

While India Israel are close partners, the world’s largest democracy is also working with Iran on the issue of helping Armenia against axis of Turkey and Azerbaijan but also providing aid to Taliban ruled Afghanistan in addition to building a trade corridor through Chabahar port all the way to Russia.

India can play a constructive role to reach a ceasefire, at least at this stage of the tension..” Iranian Ambassador Dr Iraj Elahi told Indian media outlet. 

Israel is out to destroy Hamas and is taking military action in Gaza strip and there are reports to say that the Jewish state might be looking to settle the Gazans in Egypt. The conflict escalated after Israel came under one of the worst terror attack on Oct 7 of this year.