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”…have made this water poisonous…”, grave allegation from BJP leader ahead of major festival

BJP leader Manoj Tiwari took along others to inspect the Yamuna Ghat, where women devotees take a dip as part of ritual for Chhatth puja after Diwali. It is quite clear that Yamuna water is highly polluted as it was seen covered with froth all over.

Talking to media later, he said, “We inspected the Yamuna Ghat ahead of the Chhatt Puja, women take dip in this water and Arvind Kejriwal and his party have made this water poisonous…This is a big crime, we will convey this to higher authorities and will request the Supreme Court also to take cognisance of this ahead of the Chhath puja”.

Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva and party leader Manoj Tiwari visited Yamuna Ghat in Kalindi Kunj, to assess the pollution situation.