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Governor gets teary eyed, as he recalled early days of life, watch here

Recently appointed Governor to Odisha, Jharkhand’s Raghuvar Das was here in Raipur to be felicitated by Sahu Samaj. In his speech, he recalled his early days of life and got teary eyed remembering the hard labour that his father and then he had to put in to make ends meet.

But he also hailed the strength of Indian democracy that a labour could rise to become Chief Minister of the state and eventually become Governor of a different state.

He remembered the struggle of his parents and credited them for his own success. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Das also pointed out that someone selling tea can rise to become Prime Minister of the country while a tribal teacher goes on to occupy the position of President of world’s largest democracy.

He resolved to work for the people of Odisha now that he is Governor of the state.