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Gaganyaan’s TV-D1 launch now rescheduled, to happen today itself, confirms ISRO

It is indeed quite a happening day for the Indian space agency which is now saying that the Gaganyaan’s TV-D1 launch is now rescheduled. The launch is now planned for 10 am today.

Earlier the ignition system malfunctioned due to which the launch countdown was put on hold with five second remaining to go.


ISRO chief S Somnath had told media, “The lift-off attempt could not happen today…engine ignition has not happened in the nominal course, we need to find out what went wrong. The vehicle is safe, we need to look at what happened…we will come back soon…the computer which is doing function has withheld the launch…we will correct it and schedule launch soon..”.

But it now seems that the malfunction has been identified and rectified and launch is to happen in a hours time.