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General Atomics

”….future of defence technology..”, what General Atomics CEO revealed during an expo in India

At the International Conference-Cum-Exhibition on Aerospace and Aviation in 2047, held in Delhi, the Chief Executive Of General Atomics Global Corporation Vivek Lall says, “Militaries always have known that the true value of a defence system goes beyond its hardware and components. In the coming years, the future of defence technology will depend more on those other factors especially sophisticated software and advanced support technologies”.

“Artificial intelligence, machine learning, complex networks and other such capabilities will set the highest performing users apart, just as in the past, range, speed, and bomb loads once did. The test for high-demand users, such as India’s armed forces, will be how and when they can seize the right combination of new hardware and software and other supporting technology in order to execute the objectives first, quicker, and better than potential competition.”, he said.

It need be mentioned that India is close to purchase of General Atomics Predator drones that long endurance high altitude in nature.