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Amit Shah
Amit Shah

”….few countries other than India has millets…” what Amit Shah said on millet seeds

Speaking at the Delhi based ‘National Symposium on production of improved and traditional seeds in cooperative sector’ organised by Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti Ltd (BBSSL), Union Home Minister Amit Shah revealed, “Through the initiative of PM Modi, a market has developed for millets. Very few countries other than India have millets. Today, the whole world wants good quality seeds of millet. If they want good quality seeds of ‘Bajra’ and ‘Jowar’, no one other than India can provide them…”.

“The US can give maize. We can have a monopoly on Ragi, Bajra, Jowar and many such millets… We are also going to work on the value-added products of millets. We will turn the unofficial seeding system into a scientific and an official seeding. We have had the unofficial seeding system for thousands of years. Now it is the time to make it scientific and get it certified…”, he said.

Amit Shah also laid out that “this organisation (BBSSL – Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti Limited) will play a key role in making the three sectors – ‘Beej Sanrakshan’, ‘Beej Samvardhan’ and ‘Beej Anusandhan’ – perfect in India,”.