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supreme court
supreme court

”… fires must be stopped….”, says top court, expresses concern on receding groundwater in Punjab

Amid the continuing air pollution in Delhi-NCR region, the Supreme Court expressed concern on the reducing groundwater in Punjab and added that there is a need to phase out paddy cultivation in the state.

“Water table in Punjab is going down. We don’t want another desert there. Phasing out of paddy is needed,” Supreme Court makes the observation.

Supreme Court makes it clear that it wants farm fires to stop. “We suggested a methodology, you do it however you want. But farm fires must be stopped. Some emergency measures are required to stop the farm fires,” says the apex  court.

The top court observed that farmers are also a part of society and they have to be more responsible, and we have to be more responsive to their needs. “But people cannot be made to die,” says Supreme Court Supreme Court says farmers are very well organised in Punjab and asks the government why it doesn’t talk to the farmer’s bodies and motivate them. “The pollution level must come down, it cannot await tomorrow,” says SC.

On the issue of rain in the national capital, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul says that the people have to pray only, sometimes wind comes and helps, and sometimes rains. “God may have heard the prayers of people and intervened, no thanks to the government,” says Justice Kaul.