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insurance money
insurance money

Fake death certificates to claim insurance money, police cracks case after complaint

A bizzare case has been reported from Gandhinagar in Gujarat where a man wanting to close an insurance policy got to know that his death certificate has been submitted in the insurance company and someone has already claimed lakhs.

Speaking to the media, ACP Pradeepsinh Jadeja said, “In 2009, a man took an insurance policy and paid premium till 2012. In 2020, he wanted to close the policy and he went to the office and he got to know that by submitting his death certificate, somebody received Rs 15 lakhs. He contacted the Police. Probe was conducted and 3 accused namely Farukh Hussain, Rohit Kumar and Sunil Shankar Swarup were arrested…3 more accused are yet to be caught”.

Police now claims to have busted an inter-state gang for claiming insurance money by submitting bogus death certificates.