girl father
girl father

Eight year old girl dies, father says ‘Yes’, smiles…why this video is viral

Amid the raging war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza after Saturday’s terror attack on Israeli  territory, a video went viral where a father recalls how he felt relieved learning of his daughter’s death.

The man in the viral video says that when he learnt of his eight year old girl’s death, he could not help but shriek out a ‘Yes’ as if feeling relieved and smiled to himself.

The video is of Thomas Hand who had to wait for two days for the news of his daughter who had gone over to a friend’s place when the terror attack took place in Bee’ri Kibbutz.

In an interview with CNN, a clip of which is now breaking the internet, he reveals of his agony not knowing if his daughter fell into the hands of those merciless terrorists.

He admitted that when he learnt of the death of his daughter, he finally felt relieved as this is the best of the all the possibilities that he could think of.

Many in social media compared this to the ‘Jauhar’ practice by Hindu women to save themselves from barbaric invaders coming in from West of India.