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Diwali celebrations at London’s Trafalgar Square, hosted by city Mayor

People gathered in large numbers at London‘s Trafalgar Square on Sunday to celebrate Diwali.

People from around the world came together in the heart of London to enjoy an array of dance, music, activities and food. They were also joined by London‘s Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The free public event featured Indian traditional dances, music, activities, and food from various parts of India that capture the festival’s spirit. 

During Diwali at Trafalgar Square, London‘s Mayor Sadiq Khan urged Bollywood to create a sequel to “Amar Akbar Anthony” set in the United Kingdom. 

“…Bring your loved ones along for the celebration of lights in advance of Diwali next month. There’ll be plenty of entertainment, food, and music for all….”, Mayor Sadiq Khan posted on X.