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Lawrence Wong
Lawrence Wong

Deputy Prime Minister plays Indian ‘sitar’, PM Modi reacts

Lawrence Wong, the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, has love for India but now he gets to be a household name in the country and that is because Prime Minister Modi has reacted to his social media post.

Wong, on the occasion of Deepawali, wrote on X platform “Getting a quick intro to the beautiful tunes of the sitar. Karthigayan here has been learning for a while, and he has been very patient in guiding me through the basic techniques. Enjoyed the experience, and the chance to learn more about the rich classical Indian music heritage!”

To this post, the Indian premiere, who is himself quite passionate about promoting all things Indian, then wrote, “May your passion for the Sitar continue to grow and inspire others. Best wishes on this melodious endeavour”.

But then PM Modi also did not fail to mention how India’s musical history is a symphony of diversity, echoing through rhythms that have evolved over millennia.