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Chhattisgarh Patwari go on indefinite strike, want 32 point demands resolved, setback to govt and masses


The demand for resolution of serious problems in online land records, which have not been resolved in

The demand for resolution of serious problems in online land records, which have not been resolved in recent years due to non-fulfillment and resolution of major demands, has led to indefinite strike by patwaris starting today, July 8.

This will impact the revenue fortnight organized in the districts. Recently, a regional online meeting of the Revenue Patwari Association of Chhattisgarh was held, discussing extensively about issues arising in land records. Many problems, persisting for years, remain unresolved, despite repeated demands from patwaris.

A memorandum was previously submitted to the administration regarding this, with a deadline until July 7 for resolution of these issues, failing which patwaris will commence an indefinite strike from July 8.

There are a total of 220 revenue circles in the district, with 175 patwaris. All patwaris will be on strike from today, which will directly affect the revenue fortnight. Palashwar Singh Thakur, the district president of the Revenue Patwari Association of Chhattisgarh, stated that the association has 32 specific demands, due to which they are opting for going on strike.

A prior memorandum was submitted regarding this issue to the revenue secretary and director of land records, but the problems have not been resolved yet. Association officials claim that no facilities such as computers, laptops, printers, scanners, or internet have been provided for online work so far, which adds additional financial burden on patwaris.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide essential resources and internet allowance to patwaris. Earlier, a memorandum was also submitted to the revenue secretary and director of land records, which has not been resolved to date, leaving all patwaris in the state disappointed and frustrated.

Establishment of assistant programmers at the district level should be considered to address minor issues promptly. Repeated calls to Raipur for administrative purposes are impractical. Moreover, incomplete entries are held up in banks, and lists have been sent to Raipur, but neither have these entries been rectified nor has NICs cancelled them so far. Work delays are occurring unnecessarily. Online mapping correction is sent to the revised revenue inspector ID instead of the first patwari ID, which causes related mapping corrections or amendments until the revenue inspector ID is approved. This causes unnecessary delays. The proposal for mapping correction sent by patwari for approval does not appear in the patwari ID, which may indicate an error. Generally, the server for mapping is mostly closed and if it is open, it is extremely slow.