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मतगणना अपडेट कोण्डागांव
मतगणना अपडेट कोण्डागांव

Bus accident on Pendra-Bilaspur road stretch, over two dozen labourers injured

A major bus accident on Pendra Bilaspur road left as many as 30 labourers injured. The bus was coming from Prayagraj and was headed to Bilaspur. The accident took place in Banjari Ghat area. The labourers were coming in from Uttar Pradesh where they worked on some project.

Local administration has rushed to the accident spot and is administering first aid to the less injured labourers. Those having sustained serious injuries are being rushed to the hospitals.

Locals blame the dilpidated road condition and too many turnings for the mishap. They suspect that this is why the bus may have lost control and turned over.

Locals say that coal laden vehicles frequent this road stretch and thus the road condition is worsening and it leads to so many accidents.