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BIMSTEC Foreign Ministers to meet next week, regional trade and connectivity on agenda


India to host BIMSTEC Foreign ministers meet n

India to host BIMSTEC Foreign ministers meet next week. The grouping has 7 countries as its members. India hosting the BIMSTEC FMs meet shows Delhi's continuous focus on "Neighbourhood first" policy.

BIMSTEC is largely seen as India replacing SAARC which also included Pakistan and did not achieve much in terms of regional connectivity and trade. BIMSTEC or Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation is a seven-member grouping and includes countries that border the Bay of Bengal as its members, working towards cooperation in the region in several areas.

It is also worth the mention that earlier this year, the BIMSTEC Charter came into force giving legal backing to the grouping. With this, the group can establish a legal and institutional framework for cooperation in the region, enable the admission of new members and conclude agreements with other countries and groupings.Notably, the current secretary general of the BIMSTEC grouping is Indra Mani Pandey, an Indian Diplomat.