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BIG NEWS on Uniform Civil Code, Chief Minister makes this announcement

Chief Minister Pushkar Sing Dhami has said that his government is ready to move forward on the issue of Uniform Civil Code.

Speaking in Ahmedabad of Gujarat, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister explained, “In the elections, we had put a proposal in front of the people of Uttarakhand that as soon as the new government is formed, we will form a committee to implement the UCC. The committee has been formed for more than a year now. The committee went to lakhs of people and took their opinions. And they also spoke to intellectuals, social and religious organisations, and people of tribal communities… They are preparing a compilation based on all opinions… As soon as it is ready and we get a draft of it, we will move forward”.

It is believed that Uniform Civil Code will effectively abolish personal laws on the issues of marriage, divorce and succession and thus is being opposed by the minority community.