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Bajrang Dal stages vehements protests, as Rahul Gandhi lands in Ahmedabad, know more


As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is visitin

As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is visiting Ahmedabad today, the Bajrang Dal staged a protest against Congress MP and Lok Sabha LoP Rahul Gandhi's visit over his 'Hindu' remarks during his speech in Lok Sabha.
Rahul Gandhi is on a visit to Gujarat today and is to meet victims of the Rajkot Gaming Zone Tragedy and also the party cadre. Speaking on protests, Joint CP Neeraj Badgujar says, "The required police force has been deployed. There is peace now. The Bajrang Dal workers had come out in protest, but they are being detained by the police..."

Addressing party workers in Ahmedabad, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi boosted his party leaders saying, "...Together we are going to defeat them in Gujarat. We will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat just like we defeated them in Ayodhya..."

"The farmers of Ayodhya lost their land when the Airport was built. The people of Ayodhya were upset that no one from Ayodhya was invited to the inauguration of the Ram Temple... The movement which was started by Advani Ji, whose centre was Ayodhya, INDIA Alliance has defeated that movement in Ayodhya...", he added.

"... The way they broke our office, we are going to break their government... But there are shortcomings in Gujarat Congress... There are two types of horses, one for racing and one for weddings... 'Congress race ke ghode ko shadi mein, aur shadi ke ghode ko race mein laga deti hai'... In the last elections, we did not contest against the BJP properly... In 2017, we worked hard for 3 months and the results were good... Now, we have 3 years, we will leave the finishing line behind... You are going to form the government in Gujarat after 30 years... Party leadership including me and my sister, all are going to stand with you...", he said to party workers.