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PM Modi
PM Modi

”….attempts were made to destroy….mentality of slavery….biased opinion……”, what PM Modi said in Chitrakoot

In Chitrakoot of Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that ”Sanskrit is the mother of several languages… Several attempts were made to destroy India during the 1,000 years of slavery. Attempts were made to destroy the Sanskrit language completely”.

“We got Independence, but those with a mentality of slavery had a biased opinion about Sanskrit… If people from other countries know their mother tongue, they will appreciate it, but they consider knowing the Sanskrit language as a sign of backwardness. People with this mentality have been unsuccessful for the last one thousand years and will not succeed in future”, he added.

He offered prayers at the revered Raghuvir Mandir whereafter he reached Tulsi Peeth Seva Nyas to bow down to saintly figure Jagadguru Swami Ram Bhadracharya Maharaj.