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Assam CM
Assam CM

Assam CM taunts Congress leader, as he explained Israel-Hamas war

One of BJP’s star campaigners, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who is also Assam Chief Minister, mentioned about Israel Palestine war when campaigning in poll bound Madhya Pradesh.

In Khandwa’s public gathering, Assam CM claimed, “…Israel and Palestine are at war. We do not have a problem with Palestine, but the terrorist organisation Hamas shot children and took hostage more than 500 people from Israel. PM Modi condemned this… What did Rahul Gandhi say? He did not say a single word against Hamas. He did not say anything because he knew that if he spoke anything against the Hamas in Israel, the Hamas in India would not have spared him… Fearing the Indian Hamas, Rahul Gandhi did not say anything about Hamas.”

But then he added to say, “… voting for Congress means encouraging the ‘Babars’ in the country. When Congress gets votes, ‘Aurangzebs’ get vitamins. If Congress wins, the Babars and Aurangzeb will start their atrocities on our people all over India. Congress won in Karnataka and from where the Babars and Aurangzebs got oxygen, I don’t know, the chaos started. Congress wins and their mischiefs begin immediately. This is their politics… We have to reject the Hindutva of ‘Chunavi’ Congress…”

It is to be expected that Congress is likely to react to this statement as it is likely to mobilize votes hugely.