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Indian Army

Amid two major conflicts on, Indian Army to hold crucial Commanders’ Conference

Amid Russia Ukraine conflict on and now Israel Hamas war raging, Indian Army Commanders are to meet for a  conference to brainstorm on crucial issues facing the force.

It is learnt that Chief of Army Staff Gen Manoj Pande, seven Army commanders and other senior officials will be discussing major security issues in and around the country during this conference.


In the conference that is being held in hybrid mode, the top Army brass would be meeting virtually today on the first day. The conference is scheduled to be addressed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh & Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan and other senior functionaries.

It need be mentioned that Indian Army is attempting at creating theater commands like the major world powers  have but is also keenly studying the different wars that have been taking place in recent years. The Armenia-Azerbaijan war is again one such conflict from year 2020 where suicide drones proved consequential in deciding the war for one warring party.