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Amid rocket attacks, baby girl was born, social media reacts

Amid Israel Hamas war ongoing, social media has become the connect between the Indians and the Israelis, both of whom have experienced worst form of terrorism.

This has allowed Indians to sympathise and react to the situation that many Israelis today find themselves in.


India Naftali, a television anchor and social media influencer from Israel, informed that ”last night, amidst rocket attacks in southern Israel, a beautiful baby girl was born. Her parents named her Be’eri after the tragically massacred Israeli community. This year, many parents will name their children Be’eri, Nir, and Oz”.

Many Indians reacted to this news positively saying that life goes on, no matter what. India Naftali’s husband Hananya Naftali is also a big social media influencer with quite a following in India and Western nations.