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cargo ship
cargo ship

Dramatic footage goes viral, shows terrorists taking over cargo ship from a helicopter

In a dramatic move, the Yemen’s Houthis have released a video showing armed men seizing a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea. The Iran-backed group claimed the ship was linked to Israel – but Israel has said it is British-owned and Japanese-operated.

Amid the claims of the Houthis, the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said the ship had no Israeli connections or crew onboard.

The Houthis may have carried out this hijacking in retaliation to the Israeli war in Gaza against Hamas.

The video footage on Monday (November 20) showing armed men dropping from a helicopter and seizing a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea.

With this video release, the Houthis are testing the patience of their neighbors but also that of America and Israel, and escalating.

The cargo ship was on its way to India from Turkey but the Houthi terrorists believed it was an Israeli ship. The ship was hijacked after gunmen landed via a chopper.